Fixing Your Air Conditioning Unit In Boca Raton

How To Determine If Your AC Unit Needs To Replace

In the modern-day and age, there are a lot of people who would be crushed under the financial weight if their air conditioner broke down. They might not be able to afford it or might not even have room in their budget to get an expensive repair. If this is your situation, then you’re going to need a new AC unit. If you’re not sure what to look for in the new air conditioner, then read this guide.

Three main things will determine if you need to replace your AC unit or get it repaired. They are:

1- Age of Your Unit

2- Partial System Failure

3- Entire System Failure

If you need to replace your old AC unit, then it’s probably because your unit is old. Most units are designed to last around 10-15 years. Older units may work great one year and the next start having problems (especially if they haven’t been serviced regularly). Many people use their units for over 15 years, but the cost of repairs for old AC units can quickly add up to the cost of a new unit. If your unit is over ten years old, then it may be time to replace it.


Buying Guide To A New AC Unit

When it’s summertime and you need your air conditioner, calling a professional ac repair expert is the only way to go. These professionals have expert knowledge of all AC units, including their models, repair costs, and operational costs. They will also help you select the right AC unit for your home or business based on many factors.

Here are a few reasons why you should call a professional AC technician to help you pick the right AC unit

  1. It will cost less. When you purchase a used or refurbished AC unit from an individual, it may cost more than what a professional would charge over the long run.  The price of service calls alone can sometimes make buying a used unit seem appealing, but more often than not you will end up paying more money for it. This is because the average cost of an AC repair can be anywhere from $100 to over $1,000 depending on the problem that needs to be fixed. However, if you had purchased a new or refurbished unit that comes with a warranty, you would not have to worry about the costs of any repairs.
  2. You will make a better decision. After purchasing an AC unit, you will need to hire a professional AC technician for yearly maintenance and repair checkups. This means that if you purchase a used or refurbished unit from an individual, you will need to pay for the yearly cost of these services over and over again instead of just one time.  After consulting with a professional AC technician, they will be able to tell you if purchasing a used unit is worth it or not. If it may need expensive repairs shortly, then this would not be an ideal purchase.


Is Fixing Your AC A Better Option

Sometimes replacing an AC isn’t necessary.  For example, if it’s not cooling air or running at all, replacing the entire unit might be necessary.  However, there are times when simply repairing your AC can extend its life and save you money in the long run.

When trying to decide whether or not to replace an air conditioner, consider these five situations were repairing your system is the best option.

Your unit isn’t working, but you can tell that all it needs is a little love.  A quick diagnosis will let you know if it’s worth repairing or not.

If you can see or feel that there’s corrosion on any of the components in your AC, then repairing it is more economical than buying all new parts to replace them.  Just think about how much labor goes into cleaning all those parts!

You might be tempted to replace the entire unit, but just one component of your A/C may be faulty.  A simple repair can save you a great deal of money that would have gone towards buying new components.